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Welcome to the Senior Seminar, Jan-April 2012 AKM edition.

This page will be likely be updated frequently.

The following is public information about the Melby section of Ling 490, Brigham Young University

Note posted March 12, 2012

1 - The Senior Seminar schedule is now available at: Tuesday-Thursday Senior Seminar Schedule March 2012

Notes posted January 5th, 2012

1 - Each student will upload their homework to a personal DropBox folder. Instructions on using DropBox will be available shortly.

2 - Points will be posted by the TA to GradeBook (

3 - For online discussions we will try using DigitialDialog ( If we have too many problems, we will switch to a Google discussion group. There is a starter discussion thread (what do you already know about Ling 490 from other students?) on Digital Dialog right now. Please log in and post a reply to this question.

4 - Points will be posted by the TA to GradeBook (

5 - The syllabus will be managed using BYU's Syllabus Builder app. Desired learning outcomes for this course can be found there.

6 - To communicate with the instructor (Alan K. Melby, known by many as AKM) please use the class email address (xyz490 at yahoo dot com where "xyz" is the three-letter code [lower case] for the instructor) or call him at his office number (801-422-2144). Often, you can reach him at this number even if he is in another office than 4051 JFSB (he has two others, one at home and another on Center Street). His office hours this semester are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 pm to 2 pm.

7 - The TA this semester is Jason Housley. His contact information is on the syllabus. He will be posting various pieces of information to this website, probably on pages linked to this page but located on the domain.


Since BlackBoard is being phased out, we will not use it this semester.



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