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Last updated: January 27, 2001

Applications of the CLS Framework: Design

[More information on termbase design will be added in the future. The subject is a complex one and the following general guidelines should not be considered sufficient to design a termbase.]

Designing a new termbase can use the "box and line" method described in the representation page to begin with. Here ISO 12620 enters the process, since the data categories should correspond one-to-one with ISO 12620 data categories, even if their names are not the same. This is needed if you intend to be involved in the sharing of terminological data. Do not be discouraged by the exhaustiveness of 12620 -- a typical termbase may only use a dozen or so of the categories.

At some point a decision must be made between a relational or object-oriented database and a structured text database. For a relational database, Reltef is suggested. For a structured text database Blind MARTIF/MSC is suggested



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