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Last updated: January 27, 2001


Many of the materials previously available for download from this page were removed as of January 21, 2000. We will no longer provide any support for materials previously listed on this page. In conjunction with the SALT project we are completely revamping our set of tools to take advantage of the latest developments in XML. In order to utilize our new downloads when they become available we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. If you wish to receive notification when new downloads become available, please register to receive notification of updates to the TTT website on the TTT homepage.

The following materials are provided for downloading as-is free of charge:

Blind MARTIF Thesis by Aaron Alder in three versions:

The Translation Research Group (ttt.org) supplies these materials free of charge as a service to the translation community. We cannot provide extensive technical support for these materials, but would appreciate any bug reports. Questions and bug reports can be directed to Arle Lommel.



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